Epistemologia Evolucionária / Evolutionary Epistemology

Grupo de Investigação | Research Group:

Epistemologia e Metodologia | Epistemology and Methodology

Epistemologia Evolucionária

This research area started its activities in the John Templeton Foundation Project "Implementing the Extended Synthesis in Evolutionary Biology into the Sociocultural Domain". As a result, it will continue this line of work by advancing the study of the Extended Synthesis in biology from and inter- and trans-disciplinary approach.

It also aims at developing universal heuristics of all known evolutionary mechanism, to identify the universal units whereupon and the levels whereat these evolutionary mechanisms are active, and investigate how these units and levels form nested hierarchies. In order to attain its goals, it has been created the Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, where this work will be carried out.

Laboratório || Lab

Actividades || Activities

  1. Thematic Session on Reticulate Evolution Before and After the Modern Synthesis: Historical and Epistemological Perspectives and Wider Applications Beyond Traditional Field organizado por Nathalie Gontier no âmbito do projecto Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab. [Call for Papers] [Website], 17 de Julho de 2015, FCUL.