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mathematics and intuition
epistemology and experience
September 25-26, 2012 |Lisbon, Portugal

Mathematics and Intuition { about . organizing committee . board secretary . how to arrive }


Where experience matters…


We would like to take the opportunity of this conference to discuss and evaluate, in the light of Kant's transcendental philosophy but also through Husserl's phenomenology and most recent philosophical advances, the status of the concrete experience in the construction of concepts.


Careful attention will be given to mathematics and to the role of pure and empirical intuitions in its developments.


How for instance the singularity of the creative or imaginative thought leads to a universal scientific knowledge? How introspection and first-person description could provide an authentic and reliable source to then access the essence of a concept like mathematical intuition? And how can be thus a reliable description of an experience obtained?


We envisage those two days as an opportunity to make significant advances in such a fundamental field of philosophy.




Organizing Committee

Alexandra Van-Quynh


Board Secretary

Alexandra Padinha

Márcia Belchior




How to arrive

The colloquium will take place on the Auditorium of the FFCUL (Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon), located on the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon campus (Campo Grande), bulding C1 - 3rd floor. (download campus map here.)



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By subway:


- Yellow Line (Linha Amarela) - Cidade Universitária station (about 10mins). [fares] [map]


By bus (Carris):


- 7, 21, 31, 35, 36, 47, 54, 64, 78, 83, 106, 108, 701, 732, 738, 745, 750, 755, 767, 768, 777, 780. [fares] [routes and schedules]


By car:


- 2ª circular - Campo Grande / Cidade Universitária exit


About the website: Marcia Belchior.