Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa


First Lisbon Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science

The Unity of Science: Non Traditional Approaches  

(25-28th October 2006)


Unity of Science - that old aspiration which, in tension and constant dialogue with the opposite tendency towards increasing specialization, runs through the whole history of the western thought - is both a regulative idea and a collective task. The colloquium aims to put again the question of what could Unity of Science mean today, what could this idea, this aspiration, this endeavour yet represent. If, at the beginning of XX century, Unity of Science gave rise to a most significant even if unfinished work (the "Encyclopaedia of Unified Science") and to a large movement in which were involved some of the greatest spirits of that time, now at the beginning of the XXI century, we would like to ask again, what this project could yet signify.

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Chris Walin (EUA)

Marco Pina e Silva (Portugal) 

Golgona Anghel
João Luís Cordovil
Sofia Raposo

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