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Davide Vecchi

Bio || Bio

Davide Vecchi studied philosophy at the University of Bologna (Italy) and then obtained the Ph.D. at the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method of the London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom). Before joining the CFCUL, Davide had been Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (Austria) and Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of the Universidad de Santiago (Chile).

Davide is interested both in theoretical issues in biology as well as in the way contemporary developmental biology, evolutionary biology and microbiology inform philosophical debates concerning, for instance, causation, biological individuality and free will.

Áreas de Interesse || Current Research

  1. The evolutionary origin of sentience.
  2. The nature of biological variation.
  3. Symbiosis and its role in development and evolution.
  4. The role of organismal behaviour in evolution.
  5. The biology of human nature.

Situação no CFCUL || Position at the CFCUL

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Grupos de Investigação || Research Groups

Filosofia das Ciências da Vida (Membro)






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Produção Científica (Selecção) || Scientific Production (Selection)

Publicações || Publications

  1. Beyond blindness: on the role of organism and environment in trial generation (with Lorenzo Baravalle); Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 60, pp. 25-34; ISSN: 1369-8486; 2016
  2. Mutational randomness as conditional independence and the experimental vindication of mutational Lamarckism (with Pablo Razeto-Barry); Biological Reviews; ISSN 1469-185X; 2015
  3. Epigénesis y preformacionismo: radiografía de una antinomia inconclusa (with Isaac Hernández); Scientiae Studia (v. 13, n. 3); ISSN 1678-3166; 2015.
  4. A soul of truth in things erroneous: Popper's "amateurish" evolutionary philosophy in light of contemporary biology (with Lorenzo Baravalle). History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 36:525-545, 2015.
  5. Review –  The Antibiotic Era: Reform, Resistance, and the Pursuit of a Rational Therapeutics. Vecchi, D., in Metapsychology Online Reviews, May 26th 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 22)
  6. De humanos y líquenes. Scientiae Studia,12 (2):331-357. 2014.
  7. The epistemological resilience of the concept of morphogenetic field (with Isaac Hernandez). In Minelli, A. & Pradeu, T. (eds.) Towards a Theory of Development. Oxford University Press. 2014.
  8. The Trouble with Natural Genetic Engineering. Biological Theory, 7 (1):80-88. 2013.
  9. Taking Biology Seriously : Neo-Darwinism and its Many Challenges. In Brinkworth, M.H. & Weinert, F. (eds.), Evolution 2.0: Implications of Darwinism in Philosophy and the Social and Natural Sciences. Springer. 2012.
  10. Risky Business. Biological Theory, 5 (2):187-193. 2010 .

Reuniões Científicas || Scientific Meetings

Comunicações / Talks


  1. "Organismality, not centralised control, grounds species collective responsibility", at International Conference Our Species and Its Responsibilities. An Ontology for the Environmental Crisis, University of Turin, 1 February 2018
  2. "The instability of the homogeneous and the stability of the heterogeneous as causes of biodiversity", at Third Lisbon International Conference on Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Issues, University of Lisbon, 15 December 2016
  3. "Evolution and its Three Explananda", at Labont seminar, University of Turin, 23 November 2016
  4. "Can plasticity lead to the emergence of novel units of biodiversity?" (with Rob Mills), at International conference "Biodiversity: units, levels, scales", Natural History Museum Lisbon, 7 October 2016
  5. "Che cos'è H. sapiens?" (with Elena Casetta), at the Department of Philosophy, University of Genova, 6 June 2016
  6. "Of molecules, fields and cells" no âmbito do "International Workshop in Philosophy of Physics and Philosophy of Biology" (http://ificc.cl/node/510), Instituto de Filosofía y Ciencias de la Complejidad (IFICC), Santiago, Chile; 5 January 2016.
  7. "Autopoiesis or symbiopoiesis?"; Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid; 23 November 2015.
  8. "Deconstructing and reconstructing human nature". Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico; 17 September 2015.
  9. "Modus Lamarck" (presented with Lorenzo Baravalle); 2 Congreso de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología Valle de Bravo, Mexico; 9 September 2015.
  10. "Deconstructing Human Nature"; 2 Congreso de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología Valle de Bravo, Mexico; 8 September 2015.
  11. "A symbiotic account of biological individuality". 8th Congress of the International Symbiosis Society; University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal; 17 July 2015.
  12. "Primitive enactivism and the evolutionary origin of sentience: searching for the evidence". Internacional Workshop Arguing with Dan Hutto, organised by IFILNOVA (FCSH/NOVA), Lisbon, Portugal, 17 June 2015.
  13. "Complejidad biologica y ortogenesis". XV Jornadas Rolando Chuaqui Kettlun , Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile, 17 October 2014.
  14. "El origen de la subjetividad: una perspectiva biopsiquista", Hexagésimo octavo Paseo por la Complejidad, IFICC, Santiago, Chile, 16 October 2014.
  15. "El origen de la subjetividad 'Humanos e Animais: Os Limites da Humanidade'", Instituto de Estudos Avançados, Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brasil, 30 September 2014.
  16. "Internal panteleology, accidental combinogenesis and evolutionary contingency, Evolution and historical explanation: contingency, convergence and teleology", St Anne’s College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK, 19 July 2014.
  17. "Towards an heteroplastic view of biological individuality, Redefining the Self: Biological and Philosophical Perspectives", Sorbonne University, Paris, France, 23 June 2014.
  18. "The ineffability of organisational closure, 'Naturaliser les normes biologique?'", Universite de Toulouse 2 Le Mirail, France, 14 February 2014.
  19. "Human nature and the symbiotic view of life", International Symposium on Biopolitics and Bioethics, University of Santiago, Chile, 25 September 2013.
  20. "Mutational Lamarckism and mutational randomness as conditional independence" (with Pablo Razeto-Barry), ISHPSSB 2013, Montpellier, France, 8 July 2013.
  21. "From slot machines to pangenomes, Horizontal and Vertical Transmission and Micro- and Macroevolutionary Patterns of Biological and Sociocultural Evolution", Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, 27 May 2013.


Organização de Conferências / Conference Organization
  1. Is an Extended Synthesis required to properly account for biological diversity? Symposium at Third Lisbon International Conference on Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Issues, University of Lisbon, Portugal, 15 December 2016, Symposium organiser
  2. Third Lisbon International Conference on Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Issues, University of Lisbon, Portugal,  14-16 December 2016. Organising committee member. http://lisbonicpos.campus.ciencias.ulisboa.pt
  3. Biodiversity. Units, levels, scales, at Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Lisbon, Portugal, 6 & 7 October 2016, Organising committee member, https://ciencias.ulisboa.pt/sites/default/files/international-conference-biodiversity-06out16.pdf
  4. International Workshop in Philosophy of Physics and Philosophy of Biology, at Instituto de Filosofía y Ciencias de la Complejidad (IFICC), Santiago, Chil, 4-6 January 2016, Co-organiser, http://ificc.cl/node/510