RICOS - Reconsidering Common Sense

Grupo de Investigação | Research Group:

Filosofia das Ciências Humanas, Ética e Política

Philosophy of Human Sciences, Ethics and Politics

Investigador principal | Principal investigator:

Coordenador do Projecto RICOS em Portugal: Jorge Correia Jesuíno

Estado | Status:

Em curso | In progress




Objectivos || Objectives

The position of (social) psychology with respect to CS is curious, and maybe prototypical of most social sciences and humanities. Positions oscillate between studying CS as foundation for a ‘scientific’ (social) psychology, and dressing up a particular, spatio-temporal CS as ‘scientific (social) psychology’ (e.g. that of the super-buffered individual; Charles Taylor, 2011). The latter mode seems blind to its own operation. On the one hand, social psychology is concerned with citizens’ daily thinking, attitudes expressed in mundane language, acting and feeling – and sees here an enhancement of CS with the means of science. On the other hand, (social) psychology aspires to achieve ‘scientific status’ and therefore the study of CS is an embarrassment. In this mode (social) psychology seeks to open the epistemic gap to CS. The above topics raise a number of questions worthwhile to explore in a series of discussion seminars.

The project is organised as an international and inter-disciplinary discussion group which seeks to meet once or twice per year on the invitation of a rotating host. Funding for each session is usually provided by the hosting group. The final outcome will be a scholarly book edition and possibly one or two special issues of journals (PUS, JTSB or similar).

Parcerias || Partnerships

Actividades || Activities

Future Events (dates as yet unclear)

  1. CS and Science & Technology, October 2016, Lisbon
  2. Robotics, AI and Common Sense, 2017, London


Past Events

  1. References to CS in Politics, May 2016, Amiens
  2. Health behaviour and Common Sense, May 2015, Lyon
  3. The Brain, Neuro-Science in Common Sense, Sept 2014, Neuchatel
  4. Modern Notions of Common Sense, Mar 2014, London
  5. Brain storming on ‘Reconsidering Common Sense’ (RICOS) , May 2013, London