Global Bioethics

Grupo de Investigação | Research Group:Global Bioethics

Filosofia das Ciências da Vida | Philosophy of Life Sciences

Can we develop an epistemology of risk that accounts for the environment we live in, our behaviors, and our genetic makeup? How to deal with the ethical challenges posed by the increasingly fast development of (bio)technologies?

We develop multidisciplinary research on global bioethics, encompassing environmental ethics – with a focus on the ethics of biodiversity–, animal ethics and the ethics of biotechnologies, in particular on its applications to agricultural production.  Departing from the analysis of the philosophical foundations of these issues, the main goal is to explore the multiple dimensions of their ethical debate, with a perspective on applied ethics, bringing ethical insights into political and legislative processes. We are engaged in both theoretical research and advanced training, offered in particular by the Bioethics area of the Doctoral Program on Philosophy of Science, Technology, Art and Society.