Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Center for Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon



História e Filosofia da Medicina | History and Philosophy of Medicine

Objectivos / Aims
In this Internal Project (IP) we intend to do a systematic study of the cognitive role of images in the construction of medical knowledge. The work is to be done in the line of recent tendencies in philosophy of science which take as their object of analysis, not scientific discourse but scientific practices and procedures. If, at communicative level, science has to translate the plan of theoretical invisibility (theories, laws, concepts) into discursive forms (written materials), on the contrary, the construction of scientific knowledge supposes the explanation of the visible by the invisible (observable by intelligible, fact by law, phenomenon by theory). Medicine is the most decisive case.
Equipa / Team
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Head   António Barbosa    
Membros / Members   António Barros Veloso      
    António Bracinha Vieira      
    Benedetta Bisol      
    Estela Jardim      
    Fernando Martins Vale      
    Guilherme Theme      
    Isabel Marília Peres      
    Liliana Baroni      
    Marco Pina      
    Marina do Vale      
    Nuno Melim      
    Nuno Nabais      
    Silvia Di Marco      
    Zbigniew Kotowicz      
Produtividade  / Productivity
Livros / Books

António Barros Veloso (2008), Medicina e outras Coisas, Lisboa: Gradiva.