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Imag(in)ing the Nano-scale: Interactions between Science and Art
Head: Rasmus Tore Slaattelid

Projecto Internacional

em parceria com o Centre for the Studies of the Sciences and Humanities - University of Bergen





The last ten years has seen an explosive development in the potentially revolutionary field of nano-scale sciences and technologies (NST). While advances in NST have been accompanied by a considerable amount of research into social, ethical and legal aspects, research-based knowledge of cultural dimensions remains marginal. This proposal is meant as a contribution to filling this knowledge gap. This proposal describes a collaborative research project in which the relationship between art and science is explored through the case study of visualizing the nano-scale. The nano-scale (1 nanometre = 1 billionth of a metre) represents the scale of atoms and small molecules and therefore falls well beyond normal sensory perception. However, an ever increasing range of images of the nano world are emerging, both in the field of nanoscience and in the nascent field of nanoart. The aesthetic practice of rendering the nano-scale perceptible to our senses is being performed and informed by different forms of knowledge, which span C. P Snow's "two cultures" of the sciences and the humanities. However, due to the inaccessibility of this scale to direct sensory perception, all imaging done in the field involves some degree of creative imagining. In this project we therefore employ the term "imag(in)ing" to capture what we see as the dual nature of this process. This research project focuses on the aesthetic practice of imag(in)ing the nanoscale and investigates three key, interrelated, questions: 1. How is the nano-scale being made visible across the visual arts and the sciences? 2. What becomes invisible (or backgrounded) in particular imag(in)ings of the nano-scale? and 3. How are different imag(in)ings of the nano-scale assigned value across communities of art and science, both on their own and in interaction?



  Membros efectivos
Core team

Alexei Grinbaum
Astrid Schwartz
Brigitte Nerlich
Catarina Pombo Nabais
Chris Toumey
Chris Robinson
Fern Wickson
Liv Hausken
Olga Pombo
Rasmus Slaattelid - head
Rune Nydal
Sacha Loeve
Vincent Bontems



  • Workshop "Imag(in)ing the Nanoscale", Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, 5-6 Outubro, 2009 (See Program)
  • Souvenirs from the nanoworld: on the visual rhetoric of nano-images. Conferência de Rasmus Tore Slaattelid (Univ. Bergen, Noruega) no âmbito do Projecto A Imagem na Ciência e na Arte. 06 Julho 2010 - FCUL, Sala 8.2.03, 15h


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