Scientific Culture. Conceptual migrations and Social Contaminations

Natural, cultural, artificial



Participation in the debates that are now taking place in this field focusing the questions of 1) classification, representation, naturalization, normalization, essenciality, all instituted by the sciences, which are having important effects in the discourse of the common sense and in the social practices 2) the bioinformatics model of the human and its application to the sciences, technologies and arts 3) the technological challenges concerning the "openings" and the "clousers" of the human condition and the human action both in empirical and in normative terms. Complementary to the above mentioned orientation, we intend to identify figures of the human inscribed in the arts and in the sciences taking into consideration the question of cultural imaginary and of the memory. The fields covered will include science and technology studies (biotechnology and information and communication technologies), gender studies, social and cultural studies on the notions of race, sexuality, identity and normality

Research Team

  • Professora Maria Clara de Almeida de Barros Queiroz (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) coordinator
  • Professora Maria Teresa Martins Levy (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) email
  • Mestre António José Correia de Almeida (Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa) email
  • Mestre João Lopes Barbosa (Museu de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa)email
  • Mestre Maria Teresa Reis Castanheira (Professora do Ensino Secundário) email
  • Dra. Adelaide Neves
  • Dr. José Manuel Ramos Henriques da Conceição (Professor do Ensino Secundário) email
  • Dr. Paulo Marques