Scientific Culture. Conceptual migrations and Social Contaminations

Psychiatry and Phenomenology in Portuguese First Half Of The XXth Century



The main purpose is to analyse the role played by the models of Natural sciences in the understanding of mental disease inside the portuguese psychiatry in the first half of XXth century. We will follow the passage from the organicist to the phenomenological model in the decades of 30 and 40, in order to understand in what extent that passage was, not only the consequence of the spreading of the medical schools coming from Husserl and Heidegger tradition, but also the outcome of the transformation of the explanatory models within biology and physics at that time. We will study mainly the work of Portuguese neurologists and psychiatrists as Egas Moniz, Sobral Cid and Barahona Fernandes.

The impact of the models of natural sciences on the portuguese psychiatry have been studied mainly inside the works of Miguel Bombarda and Júlio de Matos. Less attention have received the works of Sobral Cid and Egas Moniz as well as to the introdution of phenomenological models of mind in psychiatry by Barahona Fernandes.

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